I go out to pubs and clubs, as young people are wont to do. And when I come home, I often boot up my laptop and go on Facebook/Twitter and type things that I later look at and say: “What?!” So it was no real surprise when I woke up one afternoon, checked my WordPress, and saw that I had made an empty draft post simply entitled “tights”. I had given myself no indication of what I wished to write on the subject of tights. I have no idea what prompted me to make a draft entitled “tights”. But I have decided to fulfill the wish of my inebriated self. Here’s a post about tights, and why they are awesome.

  • They require little-to-no effort
    Wearing tights means you don’t need to spend hours shaving every millimetre of your legs/putting on fake tan. Anything that eliminates the “need” for fake tan gets my vote.
  • No worries of knicker-flashing
    If your skirt blows up Marilyn Monroe-style in the wind, all people will see is your lovely tights. If you want to do some cartwheels or high kicks or overly-zealous dance moves, all people will see is your lovely tights.
  • They are warm
    And in this country with its unpredictable climate, it sure is nice to have that extra bit of warmth.
  • They look cool
    You can get tights in all sorts of colours! You can get tights with crazy patterns! You can even get tights with a sheer bit on the thigh to make it look like you’re actually not wearing tights but sexy suspenders! Look!
Image from ASOS

Yeah baby!

That concludes my post about tights and why they are awesome. I hope drunken Valerie is happy with what she started.


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