i winned a award!

Trying so hard to say this in the least poncey way possible but – I won an award! A DCU Hybrid award no less, for Arts/Features Journalist of the Year. Fsajsadjioejaoi;eja;ckejigojee.

Me holding the Hybrid very strangely. My hair also looks weird in this. 

The category was judged by Roisin Ingle, whose column I have read religiously since I was only a wee tweenager. She completely disproved the saying “never meet your heroes” by being the nicest lady ever. Bryan Dobson was there too, but I kind of just squeaked “HIYA I’M VALERIE” at him then ran away. Classic.

Me, my besto 4ever xxx Kate Murphy (who won both Themed Photo AND Photographer of the year, woweee) and Roisin Ingle. Photo by the wonderful Cian Markey.

That’s the end of photos of me in this post, I promise. Kate and I chatted to Roisin for about twenty minutes, in which time she heard both of our life stories and our plans for the future. What are we actually like?

I’d like to thank DCU Media Production Society for organising an absolutely killer awards show, it was such a great night and clearly took so much effort to put together. So Robyn Keleghan, Corrina Kavanagh, Franky Harte et al, well done. Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees – the whole night showed that DCU is pretty damn talented. Here’s to next year!


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