oh canada pt 2

I briefly mentioned a few posts back that I was waiting for my Canadian visa to be accepted. Guess what – it was! Not a particularly huge surprise, seeing as I’m as harmless as a teaspoon. Anyway, I will be boarding a flight to Toronto in just over a week’s time. It’s gonna be weird. I have never been abroad for longer than three weeks, and then I’ve always had my mammy and daddy by my side to make sure I don’t get lost or get caught up in any sort of tomfoolery. I’m not scared, though. Just super excited.

Just a warning in case anyone gets REALLY WORRIED, WHICH I KNOW YOU WILL COS LIKE, Y’KNOW: I won’t be posting for quite a while seeing as a) I have to try and pack up my life and b) when we get to Toronto, I will need to sort out my life and settle in. But when I do get settled in, I will try to post about the cool hi-jinks we’re getting up to and the stuff we see and do and whatever.

As they say in the Wesht, sure I’ll see ya when I see ya.



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