things i liked in 2012: the books edition

Didn’t you say that you wanted to hear about my favourite books what I read in 2012? You did, didn’t you! WELL HERE YOU GO!

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Ham it up: A chat with Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich: that band with the silly name. Still, it’s definitely not forgettable. Formed in 2003, the band have worked considerably hard since then to ensure the name Ham Sandwich stays in our heads. Their last album, White Fox, was released in 2010, a follow up to their highly successful debut Carry The Meek, which firmly placed them on the list of Irish bands to watch. The band have been touring near-constantly since the release of White Fox, determined not to hurry into producing a new record.

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“We’re a bunch of bastards, we won’t take tips from anyone.” An Interview with The Minutes

Mark Austin sounds a little bit worse for wear. The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of The Minutes, a Dublin rock band that have been slowly making a name for themselves over the last six years, he was out last night until four in the morning. Suitably rock and roll, no?

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how low can you go?

Three years ago, a new type of television programme was born. A Frankenstein’s monster composed of parts of Big Brother, The Apprentice and Boozed Up Irish Abroad, they called it Jersey Shore. The premise was fairly simple:

1) Throw a few attention-seeking, lovable-yet-slightly-dim human beings in a house together.
2) Add copious amounts of alcohol.
3) Observe results.

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Interview with Róisín O

It’s all go for Róisín O. In the past couple of weeks she has performed on The Late Late Show, had Ian Dempsey name her track “Here We Go” Song of the Week on his TodayFM breakfast show, and launched her debut album, The Secret Life of Blue. For most people, this would be exhausting, but Róisín insists she’s not at all overwhelmed.

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oh canada pt 2

I briefly mentioned a few posts back that I was waiting for my Canadian visa to be accepted. Guess what – it was! Not a particularly huge surprise, seeing as I’m as harmless as a teaspoon. Anyway, I will be boarding a flight to Toronto in just over a week’s time. It’s gonna be weird. I have never been abroad for longer than three weeks, and then I’ve always had my mammy and daddy by my side to make sure I don’t get lost or get caught up in any sort of tomfoolery. I’m not scared, though. Just super excited.

Just a warning in case anyone gets REALLY WORRIED, WHICH I KNOW YOU WILL COS LIKE, Y’KNOW: I won’t be posting for quite a while seeing as a) I have to try and pack up my life and b) when we get to Toronto, I will need to sort out my life and settle in. But when I do get settled in, I will try to post about the cool hi-jinks we’re getting up to and the stuff we see and do and whatever.

As they say in the Wesht, sure I’ll see ya when I see ya.