all the annoying valeries

My name is Valerie. I really like my name most of the time, but it has its ups and downs.


Like lots of people remarking that it’s a weird old lady name, but it suits me. I wish I knew what this means.

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i went to the cinema and i saw: hp and the deathly hallows part 2

This post shall be absolutely loaded with spoilers which I will not even attempt to conceal, making it more of a discussion than a review. People who have not seen the film or read the books, read at your peril.

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nostalgia post #1

We were quite lucky children. We were born into the age of the VCR. What exactly did they do before they could rent a movie from Xtravision? I’m not quite sure. They probably had to wait loads and hope that the film was shown again in the local cinema or something. How sad. But not us. We had the videos. And we watched them over and over and over again. I had a few favourites, ones I would constantly return to, until I knew them off by heart.

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