Less Than Zero: An Interview with Little Green Cars


What were you doing when you were 14 or 15? Probably sulking or shouting at your parents and slamming doors, determined to shake off the last vestiges of childhood. The members of Little Green Cars, however, were channelling that special brand of teenage frustration into making music. Primary school friends Adam O’Regan (guitars) and Donagh O’Leary (bass) met Faye O’Rourke, Stevie Appleby and Dylan Lynch in secondary school, and Little Green Cars was born, along with their brand of dreamy, lyric-driven, harmony-laden folk rock. If only all our teenage angst sounded this good.

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Grrrl Talk: An Interview with Kate Nash

kate nash

“Kate Nash? Is she still going?” Probably the most common reaction to the announcement that an interview with Kate Nash would be appearing in this issue of Flux. “Ask her if she still eats so many lemons, cos she is so bit-ah.” Hmm.

When we talk to Kate she is wandering the streets of Montreal, searching for sushi. The Canadian city is the second stop on what seems to be an endless tour – from North America to her home country and back to the US again for the next two months. “It’s going really well, we had two shows so far but they’ve been really good,” Kate says. “My friends from LA surprised me in Boston so it kickstarted the tour really well – we’re all in a great mood.”

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Bright Sparks: An Interview with Delorentos

Lauded by critics, championed by music bloggers, and mates with The Arctic Monkeys (Delo taught the Sheffield foursome Gaelic when they supported them in 2007) – Delorentos have it made. The release of Little Sparks in early 2012 cemented their status as one of Ireland’s most respected bands, earning five stars out of five from pretty much every music journo there is. To support Little Sparks, Kieran, Ro , Ross and Níal are in the process of a winter tour of Ireland, and with a date in Vicar Street on the 21st of December. So far, so good for the Dublin four-piece.

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Cracking the Code: An Interview with Kodaline

(Don’t mind me, just throwing up a few things I did in the last while that I hadn’t got round to putting here yet.)

When you think of big Irish bands, who springs to mind? U2, obviously, but more recently we’ve had The Script, Snow Patrol and Two Door Cinema Club, who have all enjoyed massive success at home and abroad. Next year, Kodaline may just be on that list.

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Ham it up: A chat with Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich: that band with the silly name. Still, it’s definitely not forgettable. Formed in 2003, the band have worked considerably hard since then to ensure the name Ham Sandwich stays in our heads. Their last album, White Fox, was released in 2010, a follow up to their highly successful debut Carry The Meek, which firmly placed them on the list of Irish bands to watch. The band have been touring near-constantly since the release of White Fox, determined not to hurry into producing a new record.

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“We’re a bunch of bastards, we won’t take tips from anyone.” An Interview with The Minutes

Mark Austin sounds a little bit worse for wear. The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of The Minutes, a Dublin rock band that have been slowly making a name for themselves over the last six years, he was out last night until four in the morning. Suitably rock and roll, no?

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Interview with Róisín O

It’s all go for Róisín O. In the past couple of weeks she has performed on The Late Late Show, had Ian Dempsey name her track “Here We Go” Song of the Week on his TodayFM breakfast show, and launched her debut album, The Secret Life of Blue. For most people, this would be exhausting, but Róisín insists she’s not at all overwhelmed.

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