53 Irish Women to Watch Out For in 2014

First off, I’d like to mention that this piece is directly inspired by a similar article done by the College Times, which listed 52 Irish Men For 2014 in painstaking detail. There are men from many different fields and professions, respected for their talents. When asked if they were going to do a similar article for women, they produced a list of nine Irish women that they felt were doing anything of note.

I sincerely doubted there were only nine women in all of Ireland worth watching out for, and I obviously was proved right – in the space of an hour I had found about 40, with a significant amount of help from Twitter. This list isn’t in any way to diminish the work of the women who made it on the College Times list, but more to add on all the other women¬†who are also doing great things in and for this country.¬†

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