how low can you go?

Three years ago, a new type of television programme was born. A Frankenstein’s monster composed of parts of Big Brother, The Apprentice and Boozed Up Irish Abroad, they called it Jersey Shore. The premise was fairly simple:

1) Throw a few attention-seeking, lovable-yet-slightly-dim human beings in a house together.
2) Add copious amounts of alcohol.
3) Observe results.

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interview: colm o’regan, comedian

Colm O’Regan

Comedian Colm O’Regan has found success in a thoroughly modern way – on Twitter, if you don’t mind. Creator of the Irish Mammies Twitter account, he watched as the page reached over 22,000 followers in just four months. It’s easy to see why – Irish Mammies is Ireland in a nutshell. Who hasn’t heard the choice phrases below at one time or another?
“Sure you might as well be talking to the wall.”
“I don’t get ANY ‘funny taste’ off it. Eat it up now. If you were out in Somalia you’d be glad of it.”

Fair enough, says you. But how did the Irish Mammy end up on Twitter?

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so what next?

Traffic on the blog has slowed down somewhat, so I feel it’s safe to post again. The response to The “Sex Sells” Myth was totally unexpected and I am both surprised and proud that my work could have such an effect. However, how does one continue on from something like that? umyeahok was never an extremely serious blog. I write the odd feminist rant every so often, but I mostly stick to what I know – distinctly lowbrow stuff like reality TV and Internet memes.

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help! my parents are on facebook

I really love my parents. I love spending time with my parents. They gave me life, which was great; they make me food, which helps a lot; they’re freaking hilarious most of the time.

But I’m a 20-year-old woman now (Girl? Woman? Hamster? I don’t know), out trying to make it on her own in the big city, getting into hilarious scrapes and generally doing the college thing. As you all know, “the college thing” is largely played out on the Internet, where we lay out every aspect of our lives for public discussion and dissection via Facebook and Twitter. It’s a place to let off steam, generally be your unbridled self, and say things you wouldn’t say in front of your aul pair. Stuff like “Totez gee-eyed last night omg, the head is fucken WRECKED this morning” accompanied by a picture of you doing something like this:

That’s me there. Yes, I’m aware that if the wind changes I’ll stay like that.

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chronic bitchface

Here’s a situation some of you will identify with. I’m minding my own business, innocently doing what I do, when a family member asks: “Why the long face? Cheer up, it might never happen! Haw!”

Wait, what?

I’m in a perfectly good mood (for once.) I can’t understand what could have inspired this comment. I shrug – after all, the world is an infinitely confusing and mysterious place – but then I catch a glimpse of my reflection. Suddenly all becomes clear. I suffer from chronic bitchface.

Illustration by the wonderful Kris Atomic

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