Five Very Funny Programmes You Can (And Should) Watch Instead of “The Big Bang Theory”

Sometimes, when it’s 2pm and you’re still in your jammies watching yet another repeat episode of The Big Bang Theory on E4, it gets hard to believe there are actually some pretty funny TV shows out there. But there are. Really! There are comedies out there that don’t revolve around laugh tracks and making lame jokes out of the protagonists. How exciting!

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how low can you go?

Three years ago, a new type of television programme was born. A Frankenstein’s monster composed of parts of Big Brother, The Apprentice and Boozed Up Irish Abroad, they called it Jersey Shore. The premise was fairly simple:

1) Throw a few attention-seeking, lovable-yet-slightly-dim human beings in a house together.
2) Add copious amounts of alcohol.
3) Observe results.

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x factor contestants: a guide

(These next few articles are bits and pieces I wrote for The College View during the last (veery busy) semester. I decided to put them up here for posterity and lulz. New posts coming soon!)

Love it or hate it, come October everyone is talking about The X Factor. We clamour for information about the finalists, we try to predict who will battle it out in the Sunday night sing-off and tweet our way through each show. Then the winner is announced and we promptly forget everything about the people we cared about so deeply for three months. Yes, it’s the ultimate in throwaway television, but it works.

Yet after seven seasons and hundreds of contestants, I can’t help but notice some patterns emerging.  “Chasing Cars” or “Run” by Snow Patrol are played when someone promising is about to be turned down. Finalists and Nutcases (more about them later) will get the most camera time. The people who eventually get through to the live shows will always have a sick grandmother/goldfish/pet rock that “really wanted them to do this.” But these are just little things.

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