Grrrl Talk: An Interview with Kate Nash

kate nash

“Kate Nash? Is she still going?” Probably the most common reaction to the announcement that an interview with Kate Nash would be appearing in this issue of Flux. “Ask her if she still eats so many lemons, cos she is so bit-ah.” Hmm.

When we talk to Kate she is wandering the streets of Montreal, searching for sushi. The Canadian city is the second stop on what seems to be an endless tour – from North America to her home country and back to the US again for the next two months. “It’s going really well, we had two shows so far but they’ve been really good,” Kate says. “My friends from LA surprised me in Boston so it kickstarted the tour really well – we’re all in a great mood.”

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Interview with Róisín O

It’s all go for Róisín O. In the past couple of weeks she has performed on The Late Late Show, had Ian Dempsey name her track “Here We Go” Song of the Week on his TodayFM breakfast show, and launched her debut album, The Secret Life of Blue. For most people, this would be exhausting, but Róisín insists she’s not at all overwhelmed.

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